What We Do

The replica props that we create demand and intense labour of love to produce, so they are always the things we really want ourselves and its a real pleasure if we can share some of these pieces with our community.

We can and do make non-Star Wars related pieces, but we are huge fans from childhood and members of the 501st who form a huge part of the replica prop and costuming community we are all a part of.

In the beginning RS was simply Rob and Simon but as demand for our props grew, due in part to the lineage of our replicas and the special endorsement from our patron, Brian Muir, we had to grow or increase the wait times and were not about waiting.

We are now a small team of dedicated prop nuts working tirelessly to produce replica props using the tradition methods employed to create the original screen used pieces.

We may be a fan based company, but we strive to maintain a professional, reliable and honest service, as we strongly believe community members deserve this level of care. We don't leave people hanging, unsure when or if they will receive the props they have commissioned. We love what we do, it's not about simply producing props for financial gain, but we do need to pay our bills.

Our Studio is located just outside Manchester and we offer a warm welcome to visitors, but we ask that you make an appointment.

We have a dedicated assistant to read and reply to all the emails and messages we receive, so you can be confident that your prop commission is in safe hands and you can always communicate with us as required.


Who We Are

Rob McCormick

Senior Prop Maker

Rob trained as a Graphic Designer in the late 1980's. He moved into management roles with a number of manufacturing companies with responsibility for production management and quality assurance. He began making replica props almost ten years ago. As a founding member of RS Prop Masters he is responsible for a number of key roles including mould making and casting, vacuum forming and prop assembly. Rob is a member of the 501st Legion.

Simon Windus

Prop Maker & Painter

Simon studied fine art and graphic design at university, gaining a HND. He has worked for several design companies before his ten years spent with the Environment Agency, leaving to create RS Prop Masters. Simon is the painter at RS, which takes most of his time, but he is equally as capable making props when he gets the chance. Hobbies include movies, TV, conventions and collecting memorabilia, especially Star Wars. Simon is a cleared member of the 501st as a Tusken Raider and is currently working on several other costumes.

Pete Murphy

Prop Maker

Pete studied Art & Design at Stockport college before taking an apprenticeship with RS Prop Masters. Pete is now a full member of the team responsible for assembling Stormtrooper helmets and armour, along with numerous assembly and finishing roles. He is a huge fan of movies, including 80's cult & horror movies and the original Star Wars trilogy. Pete is a member of the 501st Legion cleared as 'A New Hope' Stormtrooper and is currently building his own Boba Fett and Nolan Bat suit.

Ellis Arstall

Prop Padawan

Ellis is the latest member and baby of the team. Still working as an apprentice after joining RS fresh from school, he is learning new tricks on a daily basis.Ellis is a keen gamer and comic book fan. He has assembled his own Empire Strikes Back Stormtrooper and hopes to become a cleared member of the 501st legion in the very near future.