Boba Fett

Boba Fett - Return of the Jedi
Boba Fett - Return of the Jedi

Bounty Hunter - Boba Fett 
In 2008, Boba Fett was selected by Empire magazine as one of the top 100 greatest movie character of all time. Even more impressive when you consider his actual time on screen.

RS Prop Masters are proud to offer Replica Boba Fett components from the smallest machined aluminium detail, to a complete suit, made to your specifications. We can guide you through the elusive world of the galaxy's coolest Bounty Hunter, every step of the way. With our full Return of the Jedi style suit available now and Empire Strikes Back coming very soon, you can be sure that our extensive research - and love - for Boba will ensure your replica is amongst the best.

He personifies "danger and mystery", "the unknowable Star Wars character" who "delivers mythic presence." Both George Lucas and Jeremy Bulloch cite Fett's mysterious nature as reasons for his popularity. Jeremy, who has never fully understood the character's popularity, attributes it to the costume and the respect Fett he earns from Darth Vader.

Boba Fett's suit is one of the more complex to replicate. Janet (Jan) Stevens sculpted the helmet and most likely the armour too with assistance from Brian Archer, who also assembled the completed helmets. Both were model makers working on The Empire Strikes Back. The suit is full of detail, with many found parts and subtle details. With his distinctive helmet and battle worn armour he is instantly recognisable.

This highly detailed costume has been the subject of many years of research and debate across the internet, with The Dented Helmet proving to be a favorite hang out for Fett heads across the globe. This has helped long time 'Denters' RS, to produce some fantastic and ground breaking replica Boba Fett props.

With speculation rife about a stand alone Boba Fett movie, this is the time to realise your dream of becoming Fett. Please contact us to discuss Boba, the specifications we can offer and your sizing requirements before ordering from our convenient store.