Signature Edition Helmets

Jim Dowdall Episode IV Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet
Richard Bonehill Signature Edition Tie Pilot Helmet, shown painted in Hero One style from 'A New Hope'
Dicky Beer Signature Edition Scout Trooper Helmet, shown in weathered variation from 'Return of the Jedi'

Our Signature Edition helmets are a little bit special. They are made in very limited numbers. 100 pieces world wide or less, in some cases much less.

The recipe for a Limited Edition Signature Helmet goes like this, take one awesome replica helmet with bags of lineage to the original prop, present it on a custom made stand and then hunt down the Actor or Stuntman who wore it in the movie to endorse it with a signed presentation plaque.

We only invite the most credible cast members to be part of an RS Prop Masters Signature Edition Project. The contributors and calibre of replica they endorse go hand in hand.

Please follow the link to the right to view the full Range of Signature Edition helmets, some are still available, whilst others have been retired into collecting history.

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