Replica Snowtrooper, The Empire Strikes Back
Replica Snowtrooper, The Empire Strikes Back

In keeping with our other Stormtrooper variants, we are very happy to offer Cold Assault "Snow Troopers"

As with all our finished suits we also offer the smallest kit parts as a self build option, from castings of found part greeblie to armour kits. We offer all kit parts from stock, with no waiting time.  Please use the links on this introduction to Snowtroopers to find the route that suits you best in your search for a quality Snow Trooper replica.

Choose to let us take the hassle out of owing a Snowtrooper Replica Suit with our complete commission service. Our talented team of prop builders, based here in our Manchester studio will hand build a replica suit to your exact requirements. We guarantee your replica will reach the standards of the 501st Legion if thats your goal.

The Snowtrooper had a number of concepts before the final design was reached. Pre-production saw some unused costume sculptures created in addition to the screen used “Commander” variant.

With designs of the Snowtroopers by Joe Johnston there is a clear link between the final design screen used Snowtroopers and the Supertrooper (White Boba Fett) making the Snowtroopers “cool” indeed.

The final screen used suit is a simple, stripped down, no nonsense action solider. With this costume we see a real battle worn Stormtrooper, ready to take on the toughest of environments. Maybe the toughest of all Stomrtroopers?

Our Snowtroopers are weathered to complete that Battle worn screen look as standard, but can be supplied clean if required.

We are very proud to also offer castings of the only know production made ESB E-11 blaster to be held in a private collection, adding some superb lineage to all our Empire Strikes Back suits, including the Snow Trooper. yet another lineage piece exclusive to RS Prop Masters!

Our Complete Suit Commission include genuine Canadian military boots, modified to re-create the screen used boots.

All the detailing across the suit is hand painted, no stickers or decals are used.