Jack Klaff Edition Red 4 X-Wing Helmet



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“I’m Hit!”


Back by popular demand, extending and completing our run of 100 Limited Edition Jack Klaff Signature Red 4 X Wing Pilot Helmets.

Straight from the Battle of Yavin, this replica of the helmet worn by Red 4, played by Jack in Episode IV, A New Hope is a limited edition of only 100 worldwide. Jack’s character ‘John D’ battle was short lived as his is shot down by Imperial Tie’s during his trench run.

Jack Klaff

Jack is now stage and screen actor, best know for his role in Star Wars even though he has limited screen time. He is a Royal Shakespeare actor who has appeared in many stage productions and cult TV shows.

To complete your display this helmet comes complete with its own stand with limited edition signed display plaque.

Material: 1.5mm ABS.

Base Colour: White.

Lined for comfort.

Reposition-able Visor, Ear Pads & Chin Strap.

Helmet Weight: 600g



Created from original LFL Production made Tie Pilot Helmet shells. With addition moulding and reference from a Vietnam era APH-6 Helicopter helmet.

The width of the centre mohawk joining strip is accurate to screen used helmets.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm