Boba Fett Helmet Lineage Casting


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This is a direct lineage casting of the Hero Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett helmet

  • Accurate: Direct lineage, you can clearly see the paint texture from the original helmet.
  • Custom-built: this is not mass-produced collectable, it’s a hand-made prop re-created by specialist prop makers in the same style and spirit as the originals seen on screen.
  • Authentic: each replica comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Commission type: Raw Casting or fully built replica helmet assembled by the prop makers in our studio.
  • Hand painted: Option to secure a fully painted version by talented artist in our studio using a wealth of reference material.

Specialist resin, hand laid helmet shell casting made, 2nd generation cast. The helmet casting is completed with all the accessories required to finish the outer appearance of this prop replica. Laser cut dark grey acrylic ‘T’ visor, shaped to fit. High quality clean castings of resin ears, designed from original parts.Range finder top detail, (4 parts) with found part view finder casting and clear “perspex” section, two non functioning red LED’s and solid aluminium range finder stalk. An original calculator circuit board completes the detailing at the rear.

Metal Ear sets to fit this 2nd Gen casting will be offered soon as an upgrade option, details to follow.

Important information.

These helmets are full prop replicas, with many very intentional defects and asymmetry, its an acquire taste for the fan who is looking for this pure lineage. Please do not buy this helmet on recommendation with out understanding what it is. This helmet reflect the condition of the original prop circa 2012 when the master was created.  These are not mass produced collectables, they are hand made prop replicas, in the exact same style and spirit of the helmets used on set. Due to high demand painted helmets could take a number of months, this is a detailed hand painted prop and will not be rushed. By clicking ‘buy’ you understand that a hand painted helmet will take time to be delivered and can not be rushed, but you want it and are prepared to wait. We understand that you will want it and will work tirelessly to produce them as quickly as possible, but at the standard you expect. Helmet stand not included but is sold separately. Helmet casting will be black not grey as illustrated. This is to appreciate more of the textured details.

This we believe is why you want this helmet.


Flexible Payment Options.

Pay in full, or break you payments down into a deposit and full payment when you are read on all raw castings. One, Two or four payments for the painted version. Images coming soon, perfection can’t be rushed.

It’s not getting more authentic than this.




Plastic gauge: Not applicable.

Plastic options: Hand laid specialist resin (non shrinkage).

Actual weight: 2kg

Shipping weight/volume: 6kg

Box dimensions:31cm x 31cm x 31cm

Full lineage, direct casting of a 1st generation copy.

Additional information


Raw Casting, Painted

Payment plan

Pay In Full Now, 2 Payments of £213 : (Raw), 2 Payments of 500 (Painted), 4 Payments of 250 (Painted)