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So, here it is. After a very long development stage to get this perfect we are finally ready to share this unique display bust.


What makes this bust special is that is designed for armour, it can take many different versions of armour and can easily move from one to the next and back again.

The brief for this bust required it display armours correctly, it could display clients existing armour*. That it was strong and made from quality materials that are demanded by high end collectors.

  • High Quality
  • Strong and Solid
  • Modular
  • Designed for Armour

When we started creating the bust we knew we had to have a range of soft parts available that were made to fit the bust correctly. Luckily our friends at IB stepped up and created the perfect garments to complete a number of displays options.

We have a number of variations of this display bust.

  • Bust, basic
  • Bust with clothing option
  • Bust with clothing and armour
  • Helmets are available separately

The options for the bust allow the collector to purchase the parts they need, from a basic bust, through to a complete bust. If you own a Snow Trooper or Tie pilot helmet and armour you would only need the basic bust and clothing to complete your perfect display bust. Snowtrooper clothing includes Shoulder bells.

Please choose from the drop down menus to select what you need when ordering.


* Existing Stormtrooper Armour will need to be separated from the lower half of the torso to fit the bust. All other armour will fit with no modifications.

Helmets, Pauldrons and Pouches are NOT included but are available separately. Items pictured are to demonstrate how a completed bust will look.

Ripstop Nylon with foam padded interior.
Internal foam padded area also protects the helmet from the zipper.

One Size fits all these helmets and more.

Tie Pilot
Biker Scout
X Wing Helmet
Boba Fett (RF Lowered)
Darth Vader

Plus many more we have not tried I am sure.

Fan made, these bags were not used in the movie.

Additional information

The Bust

Display Bust


No Clothing, Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper, Tie Pilot, Imperial Gunner, Snowtrooper, Scout Trooper, X Wing Pilot

Armour Sets

No Armour, Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper, Tie Pilot, Gunners Chest, Snowtrooper, Scout Trooper, X Wing Box & Vest