Special Ops: Shadow Scout Trooper Complete Commission







The simplest way to achieve accurate Shadow Scout Trooper replica armour fully assembled by prop makers from RS Studios, Manchester, England.



We are not currently offering Special Ops Commissions, please keep checking back for updates.


Created from studio made armour and helmet.

  • Unique: The only lineage armour, period.
  • Accurate: Full lineage armour and helmet.
  • Custom-built: this is not mass-produced collectable, it’s a hand-made prop re-created by specialist prop makers in the same style and spirit as the originals were.
  • Authentic: each replica suit is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • 501st Legion: our  suits are guaranteed to meet admission criteria.
  • Commission type: ready to wear replica armour fully assembled by the prop makers in our studio.

The RS Props Scout Armour set includes:

  • Chest, back and ‘hump’.
  • Shoulder bells, bi-cep and elbow.
  • Fully strapped belt with drop boxes.
  • Knees and holster.

The RS Scout Commission includes soft parts made for us by Imperial Boots:

  • Replica biker boots.
  • Real leather replica biker gloves.
  • Black flight suit with correct detailing.
  • Black “Flack’ vest.
  • Soft abdominal armour and separate codpiece.
  • Twin pouch set.

This package is fully finished and ready to wear, just choose to keep it clean or let us get you dirty.

The screen accurate holster will hold perfectly an accurate sized blaster, which is also included with this commission.


Red Label replicas are true to the original studio made props, but tweaked to better suit costumers. They could be cleaned up and idealised. Or the materials changed. They could even be resized to allow for a bigger or taller trooper. It’s the props you love, just made for the real world.


Introducing the Red Label Scout Trooper Helmet. 

This helmet is the same size and retains all the details of the studio helmet it was created from. All the changes are in relation to the construction. This helmet is made from mixed media, comprising of a fibreglass back and cap, with vacuum formed peak and face. Why would you do that? Simple, we have reduced the huge amount of time required to produce the helmet and that allows us to reduce the price for the helmet. Err, Ok, sounds great, but we have seen other fibreglass helmets and they don’t measure up to your Pinseal ABS winner. Hey thanks, but don’t be put off by other makes helmets, this has had the full RS treatment. The fit, look, size and detailing are what you would expect from us. To finish the helmet off it’s fully lined in the same way as our X Wing helmets, so its super comfortable to wear on a long days troop, something we can’t do on a strictly screen accurate helmet replica.

If you are not into the new Red Label thing fear not, the Full ABS vacuum formed replica is still here and still available. Just select it from the options above.

Soft Parts Details, sizing and all that jazz.

It’s simple, just pick out your sizing from the chart and select from the options above before hitting the checkout. This set includes replica boots, riding gloves, flight suit with detailed suede thigh pads and straps details. Also includes two part cummerbund, vest, pouches and neck seal.

Biker Scouts are currently in high demand and can take six to eight weeks from the time of order to delivery.

Replica Imperial Scout Trooper

Full Lineage Armour. Full Linage Helmets.

For the first time ever authentic replica armour created from a studio made original set. It does not get any better than this. You saw it first here, exclusive to RS, full lineage hard armour parts. A game changer for Scout Troopers.

Customers purchasing a Shadow Scout commission will receive individual numbers armour parts, hologram authentication stickers and individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Made by professional fans.

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Keep it Clean, Down & Dirty


Boots UK8, Boots UK9, Boots UK10, Boots UK11


Gloves M, Gloves L, Gloves XL


Soft Parts M, Soft Parts L, Soft Parts XL


Full ABS(add £125), Red Label (included)