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Made to your sizes commission, NOT a stock item. Delivery due early 2020

Created from the original mouldings of a Stormtrooper used in the first Star Wars film A New Hope.  This is the most authentic and accurate replica Sandtrooper available in the galaxy.

  • Unique: we are the only armour makers with original Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ armour.
  • Accurate: every detail from the iconic Sandtrooper has been carefully captured (e.g. visible surface texturing to the front of the helmet) to create a near perfect replica.
  • Custom-built: this is not mass-produced collectable, it’s a hand-made prop re-created by specialist prop makers in the same style and spirit as the original Sandtroopers were.
  • Authentic: each replica suit comes with a certificate of authenticity and signed display plaque from Brian Muir, the British sculptor who bought the Stormtroopers’ armour to life using Ralph McQuarrie’s original concepts.
  • 501st Legion: our Sandtrooper suits are guaranteed to meet garrison admission criteria.
  • Commission type: available as a ready built replica assembled by the prop makers in our studio or as a self-build kit for you to paint and personalise at home.

The RS Props Sandtrooper suit includes:

  • Replica stunt helmet
  • Replica armour (assembled exactly as the screen-used suits)
  • Replica E-11 blaster or DLT-19 Blaster option
  • Rank Pauldron
  • Field Pack Option
  • Two part “RS” undersuit
  • Rubber gloves with accurate latex hand guards
  • Neck seal
  • Ammo Pouch set for shoulder and hip
  • White leather boots from Imperial Boots

Replica Sandtrooper

A small team of dedicated prop enthusiasts and fans of Star Wars films since childhood, we’re dedicated to reproducing iconic Star Wars characters using the methods used in the original film production process.

We are proud to offer the only true lineage props for a series of characters from “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” for which we own a collection or original studio made pieces.

About the Stormtrooper

From the minds of George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie (Concept Artist), the original Stormtrooper character was bought to life by John Barry (Production Designer), John Mollo (Wardrobe Designer) Bob Walker (Graphic Artist) and sculptors Brian Muir (armour) and Liz Moore (helmet).

Fifty sets of armour were made for the film. Surviving sets of armour used for “A New Hope” would later go on to be reconditioned and reused for “The Empire Strikes back”.

Here at RS Prop Masters we are the only armour makers with original Star Wars “A New Hope” armour which enables only us to faithfully and painstakingly recreate every detail of the original Stormtrooper suit.

Customers purchasing a Sandtrooper commission will receive a display plaque signed by Brian Muir as well as hologram authentication stickers and individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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DLT-19, E-11, E-11 & DLT-19

Field Pack

Field Pack Required, No Field Pack Required


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