Tie Pilot

Imperial Tie Pilot

Imperial Tie Pilot Introduction

We have improved our Tie Pilot range significantly and can now offer kit parts through to full commission suit builds. On this page you will see we have options for Finished Props or Self build kits, choose one of this routes for more information about the props we now offer. Our waiting times are short, with kits in stock and ready to ship in most cases. Full details are included in each props description regarding availability.

We use a glossy uncapped black ABS, it was important for us to use a plastic that was available in 1976. As we could not find it 'off the shelf' we had have it custom made to our 70's standards. We are not about making the best we can, we are about making the best!

The Helmet is a based on a genuine studio made helmet giving it some strong lineage, which is clear to see. The armour is based on our original Stormtrooper armour and modified into the Tie pilot with cut down chest and reduced detail back. Again, very accurate with lineage. The chest box, supplied with hose, is a sculpt and comes in two options, replica prop (with ridge details) or flat (as per 501st CRL). To complete the ensemble we offer the Flightsuit, compad, belt and gloves.

We like to keep things simple, which is why we offer any of our Tie Pilot helmets with the option of any of the three Hero paint schemes from 'A New Hope' at no extra charge. Just let us know if you would like a straight up Black 'Background' style, or one of the three Hero styles. Images and details of these can be found on our product pages.

Our full commission option is currently supplied without boots or a blaster.