Snowtrooper Helmet


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Check out the RS Cold weather assault Stormtrooper helmet.

If you’re like us you may know this as the Snowtrooper, or Hoth Battle Gear Stormtrooper, gotta love the vintage Kenner line.

So, this helmet is created from an original studio made helmet we were so lucky to get a hold of in 2017. We made direct castings from that helmet to create our replica. It’s the only time this has ever been done. Although this level of accuracy is expected from us it was a huge leap forward for Star Wars Helmets.

Once we had the hard parts of the helmet made we turned to finding the most accurate cowl fabric to do the helmet justice. We did a heap of research, talked to a bunch of people who had visited the LFL archive and even flew to LA to see another helmet, one of less than a handful in a private collection.

We think the results speak for themselves and we are proud to bring another helmet with such accuracy to the community.

Helmet stand sold separately.

Helmet weight: 1kg

Shipping Weight: 8.5kg

Dimensions: 46 x 30 x 30cm

Plastic Type: ABS

Movie Type: The Empire Strikes back

The helmets are made from the same gauge of plastic, to ensure the details are reproduced correctly, the thickness of the plastic we use does not alter the detailing. This is very important to us. Getting our hands on a studio made one taught us a lot about how this helmet is constructed. Part of the weathering is due to the construction method, how the dome and rear flare and face are bonded. These things we rushed together by the production. Love it!


As you expect from RS this is pure a pure lineage helmet again. Originating from bucks created directly from the vacuum formed parts of a studio made helmet. First generation all the way. The only lineage helmet made this correct way. That’s why RS.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 30 × 30 cm

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