Stormtrooper Hero Helmet (A New Hope)


For the first time ever, Lineage Hero Stormtrooper Helmet.


Many thought this would never happen, a true  lineage Hero Stormtrooper Helmet, but here it is! Another first brought to you by the team that are all about sharing the impossible to find replica props from the  original trilogy – only possible due to the support and belief of this amazing prop and costuming community. You guys rule.

Created from the original mouldings of a Stormtrooper Hero helmet face plate from the first Star Wars film A New Hope. This is the most authentic and accurate replica Stormtrooper Hero Helmet available in the galaxy.

  • Unique: we are the only Stormtrooper Hero Helmet makers with direct lineage to an original Star Wars ‘A New Hope’ helmet,
  • Accurate: every detail from this iconic Imperial Stormtrooper helmet has been carefully captured  to create a near perfect replica.
  • Custom-built: this is not mass-produced collectable, it’s a hand-made prop re-created by specialist prop makers in the same style and spirit as the originals seen on screen.
  • Authentic: each replica helmet comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • 501st Legion: our Stormtrooper helmets are guaranteed to meet garrison admission criteria.
  • Commission type: Fully built replica helmet assembled by the prop makers in our studio.


Each helmet is finished with hand painted details for that accurate “ANH” look.

These helmets are full prop replicas. These are not mass produced collectables, they are hand made prop replicas, in the exact same style and spirit of the helmets used on set. This we believe is why you need this helmet.

The helmets plastic components comprises of a faceplate, back and cap and two separate ears. The helmet is then assembled by hand. We trim it to size, riveted it together and the ear caps are secured with screws. The internal components are then added, yellow foam star, green bubble  eye lens and an elastic chin strap, with replica vintage ’S’ spring snaps. The helmet is completed with accurate rubber trims and castings of our original Hovi-mix “Mic Tip” greeblies, Even the screws on this thing are matched to the original props. This level of detailing is why people choose RS time and time again.

Helmet stand not included



Plastic gauge:1.5mm (as per original moulding)

Plastic (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) the original material, it holds paint well and is strong and flexible. Slightly creamy white with a subtle gloss finish.

Actual weight: 1kg

Shipping weight/volume: 6kg

Box dimensions:31cm x 31cm x 31cm

The helmets are made from the same gauge of plastic, to ensure the details are reproduced correctly. The thickness of the plastic we use does not alter the detailing. This is very important to us.

We are proud to offer the only true lineage props for a series of characters from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies.

About the Stormtrooper

From the minds of George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie (Concept Artist), the original Stormtrooper character was bought to life by John Barry (Production Designer), John Mollo (Wardrobe Designer) Bob Walker (Graphic Artist) and sculptors Brian Muir (armour) and Liz Moore (helmet).

Fifty sets of armour were made for the film. Surviving sets of armour used for “A New Hope” would later go on to be reconditioned and reused for “The Empire Strikes back”.

Here at RS Prop Masters we are the only helmet makers with original Star Wars “A New Hope” stunt helmet which enables only us to faithfully and painstakingly recreate every detail of the original.

Customers purchasing a Stormtrooper Hero Helmet will receive hologram authentication stickers and Certificate of Authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm